Fort Hare’s Bhisho Campus

The University’s Bhisho campus opened in 1990, during a very different time in the history of the town, the region and the country. The University was embracing democracy after years of apartheid domination. But Bhisho still fell under the Ciskei regime – and turbulent times were still to come with tragedies like the Bhisho Massacre. Today the campus looks firmly to the future, assisting Bhisho in its role as capital of the Eastern Cape. Visit the campus, and nearby landmarks like the Bhisho Massacre Memorial and the Steve Biko Centre in Ginsberg, King William’s Town.

African National Congress (ANC) marchers break through security fencing in Bhisho on 7 September 1992. The protestors had gathered to call for the disbanding of the Ciskei homeland, and the reintegration of its land and people into South Africa. Shortly after this photo was taken, their call would be answered with violent refusal by the Ciskei Defence Force on behalf of their anti-ANC military ruler, Oupa Gqozo. Ciskeian troops opened fire in what became known as the Bhisho Massacre. © Greg Marinovich / South Photographs